Todos sabemos que las últimas semanas con los últimos parches PUBG no ha ido muy fino, especialmente esta semana donde hemos tenido mucho “Servers are too Busy”.

En reddit han sacado un comunicado especial explicando dichos problemas y dando algunas soluciones. Uno de los principales problemas ha sido el matchmaking en función de los pings de los jugadores, tecnología que han implementado muy rápido y ha roto un par de cosas más, aunque promete una descenso de los problemas de red del 30%

A continuación os dejo el texto original con la explicación en Inglés.

Hello players!

We know the last week has been rough. We had problems over the weekend, and our login servers were down today. We’re trying to move faster to solve important problems that negatively impact your experience, but sometimes when you move fast, you break things. This is not an excuse, but rather an attempt to explain why there has been some turbulence over the last week. But we have also seen some great results.

In our recent update, PUBG has added a feature that splits the matching pool based on players’ ping and players with similar pings end up playing in the same match instance. The results of this addition were positive. Some servers saw more than 30% decrease in network problems, as compared to the pre-update figures, allowing for a more stable and enjoyable network environment. However, this doesn’t mean that our work is done. Our team is continuing their efforts to implement further improvements.

Despite the ping-based matchmaking, we have seen that some regions are still experiencing a gameplay environment that isn’t as enjoyable as it could be. We are looking into various measures that we could use to alleviate the issues players are experiencing in these regions. We’ll let you know when we have more results to share.

Please know that when we break things, it’s not because we don’t care. It’s because we care enough to move fast, and take risks that are intended to improve your experience. Thank you so much for the patience and understanding that you give us, especially when we break things.

Thank you.

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